Zack Dye


Zack Dye is or has been an attorney, author/poet, bar owner, tax accountant, international business liaison, teacher, researcher, traveler, soccer coach and editor. He is a restless mind and soul who hopes to some day figure out what the hell he's doing on this planet. Zack has a bachelor's degree in economics and American studies from Tufts University, where he took a special interest in English literature and minority studies. Since then he has worked in Europe and South America before being admitted to the New York State Bar.Technically trained as an attorney, Zack has spent the last few years in Oakland, California working with contracts in tech industries such as bio-pharma and software. He writes in his free time and has recently tried to recommit to the craft. He is close with his family and friends, trying to be a good son, uncle, dogfather and, in general, confidant to others who are equally confused about what this planet Earth is about. Zack was introduced to Benjamin Gorman in the second grade where they made fast friends, as did their parents. They recently reconnected as like minds on current domestic and world affairs. Both sharing a love of words and stories, they have teamed up to help write, edit, and publish the anthology: Shout.