William Saroyan


William Saroyan (1908-1981) was born in Fresno, California. Famous for a long and voluminous career, he wrote novels, along with some sixteen story collections, and plays including The Human Comedy (winning an Academy Award for his screenplay), and The Time of Your Life, for which he won the Drama Critics Circle and Pulitzer Prizes. He wrote about the archetypal Armenian families who inhabit Saroyan country, in and around Fresno, California. [And yet with their] unpredictable charm and wacky spontaneity ... his characters overflow with so much human comedy that they transcend all ethnic boundaries, as in the stories of I.B. Singer (The Chicago Tribune).


Yokohama, California

Toshio Mori


The Human Comedy (Rev)

William Saroyan


The Time of Your Life

William Saroyan


Subway Circus

William Saroyan


My Name Is Aram

William Saroyan



William Saroyan and Murray Tinkelman


Fresno Stories

William Saroyan


The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

William Saroyan