Tricia Tusa


Stuart J. Murphy is the author of all fifteen MathStart books. He is a visual learning specialist with a strong background in design and educational publishing. He lives in Evanston, IL.

Tricia Tusa has written and illustrated several books for children, including Maebelle's Suitcase and Stay Away from the Junkyard, both Reading Rainbow books. She lives in Houston, TX.


Fred Stays with Me!

Nancy Coffelt and Tricia Tusa


Starring Prima! the Mouse of the Balletjolie

Jacquelyn Mitchard and Tricia Tusa


The Magic Hat

Mem Fox and Tricia Tusa


A Violin for Elva

Mary Lyn Ray and Tricia Tusa


Mrs. Spitzer's Garden: [gift Edition]

Edith Pattou and Tricia Tusa


Lemonade for Sale

Stuart J. Murphy and Tricia Tusa


Treasure Map

Stuart J. Murphy and Tricia Tusa


Maebelle's Suitcase

Tricia Tusa


The Sandwich Swap

Kelly Dipucchio and Tricia Tusa


It's Monday, Mrs. Jolly Bones!

Warren Hanson and Tricia Tusa


The Problem with the Puddles

Kate Feiffer and Tricia Tusa


A Meal of the Stars: Poems Up and Down

Dana Jensen and Tricia Tusa