Tomas Transtromer


Tomas Transtromer, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the most celebrated and influential poetic figures of his generation. He was born in Stockholm in 1931 and educated at the Sodra Latin School and the University of Stockholm, where he received a degree in psychology. He began his psychology career in the early 1960s at Roxtuna, a juvenile corrections institute in Sweden, and worked for several decades in the field. Since the publication of 17 Dikter (17 Poems) in 1954, Transtromer has written eleven full-length collections of poetry, most recently Den stora gatan (The Vast Enigma) in 2004. He is one of the world's most translated poets (with books appearing in numerous editions in over fifty languages). In addition to his renown as a poet, Transtromer is also a highly regarded concert pianist and entomologist. He lives with his wife in Stockholm.


Selected Poems

Tomas Transtromer


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Tomas Transtromer and Robert Bly


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Tomas Transtromer



Tomas Transtromer


For the Living and the Dead

Tomas Transtromer


Windows and Stones: Selected Poems

Tomas Transtromer


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Tomas Transtromer


Memories Look at Me: A Memoir

Tomas Transtromer


Inspired Notes

Tomas Transtromer