Tina Escaja


Tina Escaja (here using the pseudonym of [email protected] Pรฉrez) is an award-winning destructivist/a [email protected], digital artist and scholar based in Burlington, Vermont. Her creative work transcends the traditional book form, leaping into digital art, robotics, augmented reality and multimedia projects exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Translated into six languages, her poetry, fiction and hypertext have appeared in numerous collections. Many of her works are available on www.tinaescaja.com.


Manual destructivista / Destructivist Manual

Tina Escaja and Jhon Aguasaco


La odisea marina de Marรญa Traviesa

Tina Escaja and M. J. Tobal


Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution

Mark Eisner, Julia Alvarez, et al.