Theodore Alois Buckley


Theodore Alois William Buckley (1825-1856) was a translator of Homer's and other classical works. In 1852 Theodore published the book The great cities of the ancient world in their glory and their desolation this book depicts story's, descriptions and legends surrounding great cities. The book has had many revisions and new editions, two of which were in the first year of publishing, one of these which included illustrations. The third edition was published in 1855 and new editions followed in 1858, 1864, 1878 and 1896. In 1851 his literal prose translation of Homer's Odyssey, with explanatory notes, was published in Bohn's Classical Library series. In 1873 he published a literal prose translation of the complete text of The Iliad, in which he included explanatory notes.


The Phoenician Virgins



The Tragedies of Aeschylus

Theodore Alois Buckley and Johannes Minckwitz Aeschylus


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C. Smart and Theodore Alois Buckley


The Iliad of Homer



The Odyssey



The Odyssey of Homer

Theodore Alois Buckley


The Oresteia



Prometheus bound and the Seven against Thebes

Theodore Alois Buckley


Schenck's Official Stage Play Formatting Series: Vol. 48...

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Theodore Alois Buckley