The Perfect Library



Henry David Thoreau


A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens


The Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton





The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle and Coralie Bickford-Smith


The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith


Kidnapped: 100th Anniversary Collection

Robert Louis Stevenson


The Beautiful and Damned

F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Communist Manifesto

Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx


Letters on England



Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray


Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Thomas Hardy


The Wisdom of Life

Arthur Schopenhauer



James Joyce


Gulliver's Travels

Jonathan Swift


The Secret Garden: An Illustrated Classic

Frances Hodgson Burnett and Kelly Caswell


Ozma of Oz: Illustrated First Edition

L. Frank Baum and John R. Neill


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne


Northanger Abbey (Unabridged)

Jane Austen