Tarl Warwick


Three Works on Alchemy: The Immortal Liquor Alkahest,...

Johannes Trithemius and John Pontanus


The Ideals of Theosophy: Lectures

Annie Besant


The Testament Of Solomon

King Solomon


Celtic Mythology: And Religion

Alexander Macbain


The Mystics of Islam: Sufism

Reynold Nicholson


H.P. Blavatsky: An Outline of Her Life

Herbert Whyte


The Incubus: Or Night-Mare

John Waller


Heptameron: or Magical Elements

Peter De Abano


1900: Or; The Last President

Ingersoll Lockwood


Occult Philosophy For the Modern Age

Tarl Warwick


The Deeper Mysteries

Edward Clarence Farnsworth


Alchemy: A Collection

Tarl Warwick