Stevie Lewis


Stevie Lewis has been living on the road, furthering her passion for climbing, art, and the outdoors. Striving to live simply and tread lightly on the earth, she gathers inspiration from a variety of places, be it climbing in the high desert in central Oregon, hiking in the wilderness of Alaska, or sharing laughs with fellow travelers around a campfire. After working for four years in animation, she now illustrates children's books and creates art based on her travels.

Stevie's books include A Week without Tuesday, Finding Serendipity, and Lost in the Library.


A Week Without Tuesday

Angelica Banks and Stevie Lewis


A Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World: How to Connect, Share,...

Carrie Anton and Stevie Lewis


Pizza Is the Best Breakfast: (And Other Lessons I've Learned)

Allison Gutknecht and Stevie Lewis