Books by Steven Scott


Steven Scott is an artist and designer. He has designed more than two hundred theater productions, mainly in major European opera houses and dance venues, and exhibited in galleries and museums across Europe.


Eagle Boy

Steven Scott


They Called Us Enemy

Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, et al.


They Called Us Enemy: Expanded Edition

Justin Eisinger, Harmony Becker, et al.


Nos Llamaron Enemigo (They Called Us Enemy Spanish Edition)

Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, et al.


Animal Prints an Adult Coloring Book

Steven Scott


The Secret Ingredient

Charice L. Manor and Steven Scott


Steven Scott: Odyssey. Light Colour Time

Ole Nørlyng, Søren Risager-Hansen, et al.


Bright Family: Too Cool for School Volume 3

Steven Scott, Gabe Soria, et al.


Cat Ninja: Heart of a Hero Volume 6

Marcie Colleen, Nick Murphy, et al.