Steve Gerber


Mister Miracle by Steve Englehart and Steve Gerber

Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, et al.


Man-Thing: The Complete Collection, Volume 2

Alfredo Alcala, John Buscema, et al.


Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips,...

Al Williamson and Alfredo Alcala


Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's Heroes Omnibus

Gene Colan, Al Milgrom, et al.


Marvel-Verse: Black Widow

John Romita and Don Heck


Marvel Comics: The World Outside Your Window

Jack Kirby and John Romita


Morbius the Living Vampire Omnibus

Frank Robbins and Rich Buckler


Adventures Into Fear Omnibus

Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman


Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 12

Scott Edelman, David Michelinie, et al.


Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus

Herb Trimpe and Tony Dezuniga


Man-Thing by Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 3

Jim Starlin, Val Mayerik, et al.


Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 1

Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner, et al.


Hard Time: The Complete Series

Steve Gerber and Brian Hurtt


Marvel Two-In-One Epic Collection: Cry Monster

Mary Wolfman, Steve Gerber, et al.


Morbius Epic Collection: The Living Vampire

Don McGregor, Roy Thomas, et al.