Simon J. Ortiz


SIMON J. ORTIZ is a Puebloan writer of the Acoma Pueblo tribe, and one of the key figures in the second wave of what has been called the Native American Renaissance. Ortiz has published many books of poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, but The People Shall Continue is his only book for young readers. His writing focuses on modern people's alienation from others, from oneself, and from one's environment--urging humanity to reconnectthe wisdom of ancestral spirits and with Mother Earth. Ortiz lives in Tempe, Arizona.


Woven Stone, Volume 21

Simon J. Ortiz


From Sand Creek, Volume 42

Simon J. Ortiz


Out There Somewhere

Simon J. Ortiz


The Good Rainbow Road: A Native American Tale in Keres and...

Simon J. Ortiz and Michael Lacapa