Shaun Whiteside


Shaun Whiteside's translations from the German include classics by Freud, Musil, and Nietzsche.


Black Water Lilies

Michel Bussi


Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich

Norman Ohler


My Friend Maigret

Georges Simenon


Maigret Takes a Room

Georges Simenon


Maigret and the Old People

Georges Simenon



Zoran Drvenkar


The Temptation to Be Happy

Lorenzo Marone


In A Dark Wood

Marcel Möring



Jean-Philippe Toussaint


The Saint-Fiacre Affair

Georges Simenon


The Flemish House

Georges Simenon


The Psychology of Love

Sigmund Freud


The Confusions of Young Törless

Ritchie Robertson, Mike Mitchell, et al.


In the Dark: A Jenny Aaron Thriller

Andreas Pfluger


Love Life

Ray Kluun


Perlmann's Silence

Pascal Mercier


All That Counts

Georg M. Oswald


Time Is a Killer

Michel Bussi



Michel Houellebecq


Never Forget

Michel Bussi