Sharon Collins


Sharon Collins has a BS in Business from Mount Olive College, a Master's degree from East Carolina University in Education and Instructional Technology, and is currently working on her PhD with Walden University in Applied Management and Information Systems. The first few years of her professional career were spent with the Federal government. Eighteen years have been spent with the academic community at a community college and now at East Carolina University. Experience includes work on virtual environments such as Second Life as a land owner, instructional designer, technical support, and consultant. Sharon worked on a Department of Defense grant investigating collaborative technologies and distance education solutions. Further experience includes web-conferencing platforms such as Centra, Content Management Systems, computer programming, public relations, web page development, training, server support, and mobile devices. She is also a member of the Evolving Technologies Group (EDUCAUSE), currently serving as chairperson, and a graduate of the EDUCAUSE Management Institute, Boulder 2006. She has presented at several national, regional, international, and local conferences on technology. She resides in Greenville, North Carolina with her fiance and children.


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