Scribner's Sons Charles Scribner's Sons

The Lion and the Unicorn: New special edition

Richard Harding Davis


Sea Fighters from Drake to Farragut

Jessie Peabody Frothingham


The Boy Scout

Richard Harding Davis


Manual of Christian Evidences

George Park Fisher


A Literary History of America

Barrett Wendell


How to Amuse Yourself and Others. the American Girl's Handy Book

Adelia Belle Beard and Lina Beard


The Pacific Coast Scenic Tour

Henry T. Finck



Frances Hodgson Burnett


Worldly Ways and Byways

Eliot Gregory


A Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels for Historical and Critical...

Edgar Johnson Goodspeed and Ernest DeWitt Burton


The Essentials of an Enduring Victory

Andr Chradame


Amos Kilbright; His Adscititious Experiences

Frank R. Stockton


The Christian Preacher

Alfred Ernest Garvie


The Christian Preacher

Alfred Ernest Garvie


History of the Hebrew Commonwealth

Charles Foster Kent and Albert Edward Bailey


The Emaking of a Mind

Henry De Man


Essays in Little

Andrew Lang