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The Life of Edward Fitzgerald

Thomas Wright


The Spirit of Christmas

Henry Van Dyke


Sermons and Addresses

Robert Flint


Mountain Climbing

Edwin Lord Weeks and Edward L. Wilson


The United States and Peace

William H. Taft


Christian Life and Conduct

Harold Bruce Hunting and Charles F. Kent


Christian Nurture.

Horace Bushnell


Sermons for the New Life

Horace Bushnell


Building Eras in Religion

Horace Bushnell


The Spirit in Man Sermons and Selections.

Horace Bushnell


United States Notes

John Jay Knox


Thomas Jefferson

David Saville Muzzey


The Religious Ideas of the Old Testament

H. Wheeler Robinson


Oriental Religions and Christianity

Frank F. Ellinwood


Towards the Goal

Humphry Ward


The Prophecy of Micah

Arthur J. Tait


Selections from the Spectator

Addison and Julia Steele


The Great Texts of the Bible

James Hastings


The Text and Canon of the New Testament

Alexander Souter