Books by Sarah Kuhn


Sarah Kuhn is the author of a variety of comics, short fiction, and the Heroine Complex series. A third-generation Japanese American, she loves writing about geeks, aliens, romance, and Barbie. When not writing, she is on a quest to eat every kind of mochi in the world. She currently resides with her husband in Los Angeles. For more information, visit


Heroine Complex

Sarah Kuhn


Heroine's Journey

Sarah Kuhn


Heroine Worship

Sarah Kuhn


I Love You So Mochi

Sarah Kuhn


The Retail Revolution: Market Transformation, Investment, and...

Barry Bluestone, Patricia Hanna, et al.


One Con Glory

Sarah Kuhn


Haunted Heroine

Sarah Kuhn


Doctor Aphra (Star Wars)

Sarah Kuhn


Hollywood Heroine

Sarah Kuhn


Holiday Heroine

Sarah Kuhn


Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story

Sarah Kuhn and Arielle Jovellanos