S. G. Byrd


S. G. (Sally) Byrd grew up on the campus of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, where her father taught history. She graduated from Duke University with a double major in English and Religion, and then drove a bookmobile in the beautiful hills of West Virginia, almost wrecking every time she saw sheep grazing on mountain pastures. Later she married and with her husband raised three children in Durham, North Carolina. As the children got older, she started writing. Sally believes that fantasy has a special power not only to enhance the imagination but to speak about reality. She writes fun fantasy stories set in a Christian world in which dependence on God is crucial and the beauty of things unseen makes hearts thrill with longing. Fernpeople is the second in a series of three stories that take place in Montaland, the mountain world. The first was Captives of the Fern Queen, published in 2018 by Torchflame Books. Follow Sally at: www.sgbyrd.com and @sgbyrdfantasy