Books by Rosemary Zibart


Rosemary Zibart is an award-winning playwright and children's book author. Her charming picture books include "I have a Grandma who..." (for passionate boomer grandmas) and Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup (for foster children). Her first two middle grade novels, True Brit and Forced Journey, featured youths dislocated by World War 2, and both won the New Mexico Book Award for historic fiction and a Silver Nautilus Award for historical fiction. An upcoming book in this series, Beatrice, focuses on a Japanese Internment Camp built outside Santa Fe which angers locals. Ms. Zibart lives in Santa Fe with her husband and family. Learn more about her at


True Brit - Beatrice 1940: Volume 1

Rosemary Zibart and George Lawrence


Beatrice on Her Own: Volume 3

Rosemary Zibart and Odessa Sawyer


I Have a Grandma Who...

Rosemary Zibart and Valori Herzlich