Rory Moulton


WELCOME! MY NAME'S RORY MOULTON. Who am I? I'm a writer, editor, book author and entrepreneur living in the Colorado Rockies with my wife and son. When away from my desk, I'm passionate about travel, woodworking, museums and the great outdoors. And beer. I also really like beer. When it comes to travel - my passion of passions, and likely the reason you're here - I adamantly advocate for independent, ground-level budget travel. Here are my tenets for satisfying travel: >> Focus on experiential - not checklist - travel. Go. See. Do. Make memories. Be in the moment. Instagram accounts aren't required. >> Eat and shop local. Don't seek the tastes and comforts of home. After all, experiencing the strange and new is exactly why we leave home. >> Stay in family run hotels and guesthouses, small hostels or neighborhood Airbnbs. >> Meet local families. Practice their language. >> Picnic in parks, church steps, alpine meadows, cliffside beaches. >> Ride overnight trains. Book passage by ferry. Take public transportation. >> Sit in the cheap seats. >> Eat street food. >> See the major cultural sights before or after the crowds. Even if it means getting a little creative. >> Avoid glossy tourist traps in all iterations. Be they plastic restaurants, overwrought (and overpriced) attractions or entire destinations. >> Plan ahead. However, prepare to chuck the itinerary on a moment's notice when spontaneity calls. >> Slow down. In sum, ditch the all-inclusive, find an affordable flight to a foreign country, fill a carry-on backpack and off you go! I'd love to hear about your travels.