Robert Wilson


ROBERT WILSON is the author of numerous novels, including The Company of Strangers and A Small Death in Lisbon, which won the Gold Dagger Award as Best Crime Novel of the Year from Britain's Crime Writers' Association. A graduate of Oxford University, he has worked in shipping, advertising, and trading in Africa, and has lived in Greece, Portugal, and West Africa.


A Quest for Truth and Wisdom

Robert Wilson


Kashef Chowdhury-The Friendship Centre: Gaibandha, Bangladesh

Kenneth Frampton and Robert Wilson


The Life and Times of Queen Victoria

Robert Wilson


The Blind Man of Seville

Robert Wilson


Heartthrob Vol. 2, Volume 2: Walk a Thin Line

Christopher Sebela, Nick Filardi, et al.


Napoleon's Campaigns in Poland 1806-7

Robert Wilson


Border Alliance: A Bullet Bob Novel

Robert Wilson


The Pedlar's Prophecy. 1595

Robert Wilson and W. W. 1875-1959 Greg


Prophecy and Society in Ancien

Robert Wilson


The Company of Strangers

Robert Wilson


Beatrice Helg

Robert Wilson, Serge Linares, et al.


Houses I've Died In

Robert Wilson


You Will Never Find Me

Robert Wilson


Stealing People

Robert Wilson


The Ignorance of Blood

Robert Wilson


Uber After Midnight

Robert Wilson


Madam President 2

Robert Wilson