Robert Raczka


Bob Raczka and his wife Amy are the co-creators of three masterpieces: Robert, Carl and Emma. They live in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with their dog Rufus, who is also a piece of work. As a boy, Bob loved to draw--especially dinosaurs, cars, and airplanes. He also enjoyed making paper airplanes and model rockets. He's a lifelong Cubs fan. Thanks to good grades (and some help from his high school art teachers) he went to college at the University of Illinois, where he majored in art. On a whim, Bob took an advertising copywriting class and loved it. When he graduated, he became an advertising writer. But when his first child, Robert, was born, he rediscovered children's books and thought, I want to do this. So Bob began sending out manuscripts and collecting rejection letters. Five years later, he sold his first manuscript, a book about art called No One Saw. Little did he know, it would become the first book in his ongoing series, Bob Raczka's Art Adventures.


Niko Draws a Feeling

Robert Raczka and Simone Shin


Art Is...

Robert Raczka


Joy in Mudville

Robert Raczka and Glin Dibley


Santa Clauses: Short Poems from the North Pole

Robert Raczka and Chuck Groenink


Fall Mixed Up

Robert Raczka and Chad Cameron