Ranjeeta Mayanglambam


Ranjeeta Mayanglambam is an embodiment of the idea that constant self-improvement and boldness lead to truly great things. The story of her life is one of perseverance and exploration. She was a born doer, starting her first business at the tender age of five, when she began making bags with waste paper and selling them to shops for pocket money. At 10, she collected scrap metal and glass bottles and sold them to raise money for a New Year's celebration at a friend's house. Creativity and ambition have been perpetual pillars in her life, and she has gathered a lifetime of stories and dreams that she shares with her readers. Ranjeeta grew up in Imphal, a beautiful city in the northeast region of India, but her earliest memories are of playing in rice paddy fields with neighborhood children on her summer holidays in Kackching Kunou(Father's Village). In her younger years, she didn't have the opportunity to travel abroad, but she always knew that adventure was in her future. After earning a master's degree in fashion management, she decided that it was time to see a larger slice of the world. Raising a child is her great new challenge, but she adores motherhood and all the rich rewards it brings. As a full- time employee, an entrepreneur and author, Ranjeeta has always lived by the mantra of seeking the change you want, fighting for what you believe in, and sharing the stories of your achievement. She doesn't desire perfection, but she is passionate about perpetual self-improvement, as her experiences clearly show. Little did she know when dreaming of the future in the rice paddies of India that life would take her on such a fascinating journey. The question now is...what will she do next?


Billie's Book: Everyone Is Special

Ranjeeta Mayanglambam