Pia Orleane


Dr. Pia Orleane is the Founder of a new Astrological System centered on the spiraling and interconnected movement of 13 Universal and 20 Earth energies (rather than on time and placement), a well-respected Intuitive and Receiver of wisdom from other realms, and one of the world's leading experts on the divine feminine. A former practicing psychologist, she received an international award from Saybrook University for her groundbreaking research. She was nominated by Kindred Spirit Magazine (UK) for best Mind-Body-Spirit Author, won the Nautilus Gold Award for Women's Literature for her book Sacred Retreat, and is co-author with Cullen Baird Smith of four books on human evolution. Some of these books are available in English, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Chinese. Dr. Orleane offers astrological consultations that provide an intricate and intuitive look into each person's life energy and relationships, giving personal evolutionary guidance.


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Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith


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Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith