Philip Turner


In a world where photographs are enjoyed for the most part on small screens, this book represents a project created to promote photography in its noblest form: printed on paper. Created to inspire, nudeartzine is a self-published print on-demand collectable magazine where the space is dedicated to images rather than text. In each issue we publish images of one photographer - by choice we publish both professional photographers as well as amateurs, provided that images created by amateurs have an artistic purpose. Anybody capable of creating refined artistic nude images, might be published, even amateurs photographers! Feel free to email us with a link to your website or submit your work trough our submission page at: https: // If your images strike us, we will be happy to publish them on the first available issue and send you a complimentary printed copy. About nudity We think the human body in all its forms is simply beautiful - both in modern and classical contexts and we will never censor work as it detracts from the overall aesthetic of the image.


Christian Socialism

Philip Turner