Peter Marshall


Peter Marshall is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Warwick. His previous books are The Catholic Priesthood and the English Reformation (Oxford, 1994); (ed.), The Impact of the English Reformation 1500-1640 (London 1997); (co-ed with Bruce Gordon) The Place of the Dead: Death and Remembrance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Cambridge, 2000).


Pulmonary Embolism, an Issue of Clinics in Chest Medicine,...

Peter Marshall and Wassim Fares


Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

Peter Marshall


Angels in the Early Modern World

Alexandra Walsham


The Light and the Glory: 1492-1793

Peter Marshall and David Manuel


The Light and the Glory for Young Readers: 1492-1793

David Manuel, Anna Wilson Fishel, et al.


Sounding Forth the Trumpet: 1837-1860

Peter Marshall and David Manuel


E-Business Strategies for Virtual Organizations

Martin Barnett, Peter Marshall, et al.


Space Exploration and Astronaut Safety

Joseph N. Pelton, Peter Marshall, et al.


Communications Satellites: Global Change Agents

Joseph N. Pelton, Peter Marshall, et al.


Nate Donovan: Revolutionary Spy

David Manuel, Sheldon Maxwell, et al.


Mercy Clifton: Pilgrim Girl

Sheldon Maxwell, Peter Marshall, et al.


The Reformation: A Very Short Introduction

Peter Marshall


MegaCrunch!: Ten Survival Strategies for 21st Century Challenges

Peter Marshall and Joseph N. Pelton