Peter Kysel


Peter Kysel was born towards the end of WW2. He grew up in Prague, before being exiled to Britain, a victim of the Soviet invasion in 1968. He has integrated into life in Britain, formed a strong family and professionally participated in the transformation of the City of London from a financial backwater of the nation to an internationally acclaimed powerhouse. He forged a successful career in the UK as a banker, investment expert and corporate advisor. He was only able to return to Czechoslovakia in 1990 after the fall of communism. In 1993, he was sent there by Britain with the task to assist in returning the country to a market economy after 45 years of a state-owned socialist system. Peter was appointed as the head of the investment banking of the prime bank in the country to allow him to implement his goals. On completing his task, he returned to Britain in 1994 and resides there now. Mr Kysel was an executive director of several financial institutions in London and continues to work for charitable organisations.


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Peter Kysel


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Peter Kysel