Olga Zilberbourg


Olga Zilberbourg is the author of three Russian-language story collections, the most recent of which was published in Moscow in 2016. Her English-language fiction and criticism has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Narrative Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, The Common, and Electric Literature, among many others. Born in Leningrad, USSR, she came of age during the country's disintegration, when the fall of the Iron Curtain created unprecedented travel and educational opportunities. Among the first in a wave of post-Soviet youth to study abroad and in the United States, Zilberbourg attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Goethe Institute in Germany, and San Francisco State University, where she earned an MA in Comparative Literature. She has worked as an associate editor at Narrative Magazine and currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.


Like Water and Other Stories

Olga Zilberbourg