Nuriddeen Knight


Nuriddeen Knight began her Islamic studies attending various Islamic lectures in the United States and later moved to Jordan to further her studies. She studied classical Arabic, marriage law, Islamic belief system (ᶜaqida), Prophetic biography (sīra), Qurᶜanic explanation (tafsīr), Prophetic speech and character, and Islamic spirituality (taṣawwuf) with Shaykh Khalīl Abdur-Rashid, Imam Amin Muhammad, Umm al-Khayr, Umm Sahl and Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller. In 2015 she created Noor Al Shadhili (, a holistic initiative named after one of the greatest scholars in Islamic spirituality (taṣawwuf). It focuses on human development through education, research, and counseling. Her written work has been featured in various online publications like and She's given several lectures on topics related to Islam, mental health, and women's issues for women's organizations like HAWA in Detroit, Michigan and Being-ME in Toronto, Canada as well as universities including University of Missouri and Queens College. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master's Degree in Psychology and currently runs a blog ( where you can read her social commentary. She is the author of Our Mother ᶜAᵓisha: A 40 Ḥadīth Collection and is working on a collection of forthcoming essays. For bookings and upcoming events visit To find out more about this book, visit


40 Hadith of 'Aisha

Nuriddeen Knight