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Nicole Smith is a born and raised California girl currently transplanted on the Coast of Virginia. She is a proud wife, mom, foodie and ocean lover! Nicole is also a Military Veteran turned Life Coach and Mental Wellness Advocate. She suffered from an incredibly low self-esteem much of her life and found it impossible to love herself in order to feel good enough in just about every relationship. While serving our country, she silently fought a battle to remain in control of the anxiety and depression that overcame her. Finally hitting rock bottom was the breakthrough where her own transformation journey began. It was her blessing in disguise and led her to discovering her true self-worth and how to heal her life. Her path to healing transformed her so deeply that she decided to retire from her successful military career. Connecting to a new purpose, she created Navigate Your Freedom, and is now serving the military community in a new way by helping women who are burnt out from the military lifestyle to become just as committed to themselves as they are their country. Katelyn M. Flores - mover, shaker, and light seeker. Katelyn is currently living in the Northeast United States with her family and beloved fur babies. She loves creativity, all things woo and brings a healthy dose of sass to the table. It wasn't always that way! She is a Health and Life Coach now, AND she has walked the walk. Katelyn suffered from obesity, bullying, domestic violence, self-harm, low self-esteem, depression, and even suicidal thoughts for most of her life. Overcoming a lifetime of adversity and setbacks, Katelyn boldly up leveled her life to new heights through consistent reinvention of herself, her belief systems and the resuscitation of her powerful intuition. With fierce love and undeniable vigor and grit, she turned her broken heart into a healing vessel. In 2018, Katelyn left 13 years of social work to fearlessly follow her dreams and pursue her passion of helping people in a more intentional way, and Free Your Tangled Mind, LLC was born. Through her incredible work as a healer, she has developed a reputation as the helper of the light seekers and assists people in navigating through food obsession and emotional eating to lose weight, gain clarity around the root cause of their cyclical behavior, release their insecurity and begin to live a life free from obsession and pain.Do you want to MAKE. SHIFT. HAPPEN. too? To work with Katelyn directly please visit: I I email: [email protected]


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