Nick Derington


Nick Derington is an artist currently living and working in Austin TX.


Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds

Gerard Way, Mikey Way, et al.


Doom Patrol Vol. 2: NADA

Gerard Way and Nick Derington


DC/Young Animal: Milk Wars

Gerard Way and Nick Derington


Batman: Universe

Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington


Hope!: A Story of Change in Obama's America

Eric Stevens and Nick Derington


Graphic Science 4D

Amber J Keyser, Andrea Gianopoulos, et al.


The Illuminating World of Light with Max Axiom, Super...

Emily Sohn and Nick Derington


Understanding Viruses with Max Axiom, Super Scientist: 4D an...

Agnieszka Biskup and Nick Derington