Neil Shelton


Neil Shelton was born in Mount Airy NC aka Mayberry and grew up walking the same streets as Andy Griffith. Neil always enjoyed building old cars and starting new businesses while trying to always give back to the community. The community however had different plans for Neil. After being thrust into a series of true life events that even the best fiction writer would have a hard time scripting, Neil has stepped forward to show the World the other side of Mayberry that has never been discussed. Neil considers himself a Storyteller more so than an Author as he simply is explaining the actions of the individuals mentioned in this book, and his response to their actions. The same paperwork that was used to destroy Neil Shelton has been gone through and pieced together like a puzzle. Now Neil is using it to tell his story and hopefully find that mythical creature that is supposed to exist called "Justice." Neil spends his time advocating for Family Law reform, working on old cars, taking pictures, writing and keeping several Social Media pages updated. Neil is the Subject of the Fox News Interview titled "Surry County Man Shares The Silver Bullet Technique" https: // Neil was a Speaker by Invitation at the Dirksen Senate Building in Washington DC for The 2018 Whistleblower Summit, his speech can be seen here: https: // [email protected]