Mytrae Meliana


Mytrae Meliana (pronounced my-thray-yee) is an award-winning writer, spiritual teacher, speaker, and holistic psychotherapist. She leads workshops for women who desire to heal from trauma, liberate themselves from patriarchy, connect with the Divine Feminine, and create true, bold, inspired lives. Her own life experience and 15-year career as a psychotherapist shaped Mytrae's professional approach. She increasingly sought ways her clients with trauma could heal quickly so they could live their dreams. When she had a miracle healing from Lyme disease, she was ushered into a paradigm of Spirit and vibration where change can happen at the speed of light. Mytrae is Founder of Temple of Sound Healing and teaches individuals and organizations the practice of sound, story, and Spirit medicine for trauma. She channels healing music transmissions on the piano and has recorded two CDs. She is also a spiritual channel. When she isn't working, you might find Mytrae hiking by the ocean and on hillside trails, traveling, or discovering restaurants with friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Connect with her at