Monica Wyrick


Monica Wyrick has a fine arts degree from the University of Dayton and has worked in advertising, as a muralist, and as an art instructor. The illustrator of Crabbing: A Lowcountry Family Tradition, published by the University of South Carolina Press, Wyrick and her husband live in South Carolina and have three grown children.


Crabbing: A Lowcountry Family Tradition

Tilda Balsley and Monica Wyrick


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Fran Hawk and Monica Wyrick


Dreaming with Animals: Anna Hyatt Huntington and Brookgreen...

L Kerr Dunn and Monica Wyrick


Art Smart, Science Detective: The Case of the Sliding Spaceship

Melinda Long and Monica Wyrick


Fire and Forgiveness: A Nun's Truce with General Sherman

Martha Dunsky and Monica Wyrick


Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen (2019)

Dolly Dozier and Monica Wyrick