Mitali Perkins


Mitali Perkins is the author of numerous books for teens and younger readers, including Monsoon Summer and Secret Keeper. She was born in India and immigrated to the United States with her parents and two sisters when she was seven. Bengali-style, her and her sisters' names all rhyme: Sonali means "gold," Rupali means "silver," and Mitali means "friendly." About Open Mic, she says, "Humor crosses borders like no other literary device. Shared laughter fosters community and gets us talking about issues that might otherwise cause division or discomfort." Mitali Perkins lives with her husband just outside Boston.


Secret Keeper

Mitali Perkins


Rickshaw Girl

Mitali Perkins and Jamie Hogan


Bamboo People

Mitali Perkins


Tiger Boy

Mitali Perkins