Mirta Yanez


Mirta Gloria Yáñez Quiñoá, nom de plume Mirta Yáñez, was born in Havana (1947) and resides in that city. She is a writer and journalist and for many years held the position of Professor of Spanish-American Literature at the University of Havana, Cuba. In 1971, her first book was published, a volume of poetry titled The Visits, which garnered first prize in the annual March 13th Competition. To date she has close to fifty book publications of her poetry, short stories, novels, and essays. Her writings have received many and diverse prizes. Five of Yáñez's books have been awarded the national Cuban National Literary Critics Prize: El diablo son las cosas (short stories, 1988); La narrativa del romanticismo en Latinoam'rica (essay, 1990); Falsos documentos (short stories, 2005); Sangra por la herida (novel, 2010) -- which also was honored with the Cuban Academy of the Language Prize in 2012; and Damas de Social: Intelectuales cubanas en la revista Social (cultural history, 2014). In 2014 a bilingual edition of her most recent novel, THE BLEEDING WOUND/SANGRA POR LA HERIDA, translation into English by Sara E. Cooper, was released by Cubanabooks.