Books by Mike McCormick


This is a wonderful book for loving families to read together (especially grandparents with their grandchildren) because it was created by three generations of the McCormick Family as their vision of how Jesus -- with the help of his parents -- learned to love our world. Grandmother Alvena McCormick, a longtime studio artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia, is the art director. Her son Mike is the author. His children Jack, Sophia, and Matthew were the inspiration for his narrative. The color illustrations are Sophia and Matthew's hand-painted expressions of the everyday kid adventures they imagined Young Jesus having. Each childhood experience ends with a New Testament passage that gives the reader a deeper understanding of adult Jesus's teachings as proclaimed in the Bible.


Terre Haute: Queen City of the Wabash

Mike McCormick


The Saviors of the Myhian Dynasty

Mike McCormick


Young Jesus

Mike McCormick and Sophia And Matthew McCormick


The Big Burn

Mike McCormick