Michael Dahl


Michael Dahl, the author of more than a dozen non?ction books, has also published poetry and plays. The Viking Claw is Dahl's fourth Finnegan Zwake mystery. The earlier titles in the series are The Horizontal Man, The Worm Tunnel, and The Ruby Raven. Dahl is also the author of Scooter Spies, a series of mysteries for younger readers, whose titles include The Wheels That Vanished and The Ghost That Barked. A theater director, actor, and comedian in Minneapolis, Dahl has a wide variety of unusual creatures in his household: Venus's-?ytraps, ?ddler crabs, African dwarf frogs, an elementary school teacher, and an Australian red-heeler named Gus. He can be e-mailed at [email protected]


Hocus Pocus Hotel

Lisa K. Weber


Poison Pages: 10th Anniversary Edition

Martin Blanco


School Bus of Horrors

Michael Dahl and Euan Cook


Stone Arch Graphic Novels

Donald Lemke, Robert Marsh, et al.


Escape from Planet Alcatraz

Michael Dahl


Puzzling Riddles to Stump Your Friends

Michael Dahl


The Wheels That Vanished

Michael Dahl


The Ghost That Barked, Volume 2

Michael Dahl


The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain...

Michael Dahl, Aubrey Wagner, et al.


The Worm Tunnel, Volume 2

Michael Dahl


The Horizontal Man, Volume 1

Michael Dahl


Framley Parsonage (Critical)

Anthony Trollope


Hello Genius Favorite Farm Friends Box

Oriol Vidal and Michael Dahl


Boo Books

Jaclyn Jaycox, Michael Dahl, et al.


Brown: Seeing Brown All Around Us

Michael Dahl


Secrets of the Library of Doom

Michael Dahl


Cuentos Escalofriantes de Michael Dahl

Michael Dahl and Xavier Bonet


DC Super Heroes Origins

Matthew K. Manning, Steve Brezenoff, et al.


Hello Genius

Michael Dahl and Oriol Vidal


Sound Waves

Michael Dahl


Waves in Motion

Julia Garstecki, Tracy Vonder Brink, et al.