Mette Engell


Mette Engell is a self-taught children's illustrator and a surface designer. She lives by the ocean in Denmark with her husband and their three kids, two cats, and a lionhead bunny in a blue house filled with art supplies, picture books, and Legos.


Huggle Wuggle, Bedtime Snuggle

Della Ross Ferreri and Mette Engell


Alien Tomato

Kristen Schroeder and Mette Engell


Matzah Belowstairs

Susan Lynn Meyer and Mette Engell


Up the Tree

Margo Gates and Mette Engell


Snow Day

Margo Gates and Mette Engell


I'm Feeling Outrageous Orange: A Halloween Book

Tina Gallo and Mette Engell


Christmas Makes Me Feel Pine Green!: A Scratch-And-Sniff...

Ximena Hastings and Mette Engell


Valentine's Day Makes Me Feel Razzle Dazzle Rose!: A Sweet...

Patty Michaels and Mette Engell