Max Dalton


Max Dalton is a graphic artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina by way of Barcelona, New York, and Paris. He has published a few books and illustrated some others, including The Wes Anderson Collection (Abrams, 2012) and The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Abrams 2014). Max started painting in 1977 and since 2008, he has been creating posters about music, movies, and pop culture.


The Lonely Phone Booth

Peter Ackerman and Max Dalton


Extreme Opposites

Max Dalton


Mad Men Carousel (Paperback Edition): The Complete Critical...

Matt Zoller Seitz and Max Dalton


The Wes Anderson Collection: Isle of Dogs

Ryan Stevenson, Lauren Wilford, et al.


Breaking Bad 101: The Complete Critical Companion

Alan Sepinwall and Max Dalton


Mad Men Carousel: The Complete Critical Companion

Matt Zoller Seitz and Max Dalton