Matthew Legare


Matthew Legare is what happens when you tell someone they can be anything they want to be - but provide no further guidance. A performer and creator of stuff since he was able to stand upright, he can check off the boxes for actor, writer, director, renter of fishing boats, painter of bathrooms, wrangler of technology, and a number of other jobs which look good in an author's biography. Unable to stop making stuff up (he's tried; we checked), Matthew is credited (or blamed) with a number of radio plays and spoken-word performances, as well as being Tobias the Adequate at fairs, festivals, and themed gatherings. Since so many people responded to I'm a musician with Oh? What instrument do you play?, Mr. Legare has branched into geeky, nerdy, goofy music with his Troubadork show, streaming regularly and coming to the aforementioned gatherings. Matthew lives in an undisclosed location in San Antonio, Texas, with his extremely patient and supportive partner, Ami, and somewhere between zero and too many cats.


Artisanal Gibberish

Matthew Legare