Mary Ann Caws


Mary Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor of English, French, and Comparative Literature, and Emerita and Resident Professor at the Graduate School of the City University of New York. She has translated and written on many surrealist writers including André Breton, René Char, Paul Eluard, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso.


Creative Gatherings: Meeting Places of Modernism

Mary Ann Caws


Polishing Your Prose: How to Turn First Drafts Into Finished...

Steven Cahn and Victor Cahn


Sartre - Arg Philosophers

Mary Ann Caws and Peter Caws


Cinema Calendrier Du Coeur Abstrait Maisons

Tristan Tzara and Hans Arp


Mad Love

Andre Breton and André Breton


Communicating Vessels

Andre Breton and André Breton


Antonin Artaud: Drawings and Portraits

Jacques Derrida and Paule Thevenin


Poems of Andre Breton: A Bilingual Anthology

Mary Ann Caws, Andre Breton, et al.


Selected Poems

Mary Ann Caws and Saint-John Perse


Mallarme in Prose

Mary Ann Caws, Stephane Mallarme, et al.


Break of Day

Andre Breton and André Breton


The Prose Poem in France: Theory and Practice

Mary Ann Caws and Hermine Riffaterre


Alice Paalen Rahon

Alice Paalen Rahon