Lyndsay Faye


Lyndsay Faye is the author of six critically acclaimed books: The Paragon Hotel; Jane Steele, which was nominated for an Edgar for Best Novel; Dust and Shadow, a Sherlock Holmes pastiche; The Gods of Gotham, also Edgar-nominated; Seven for a Secret; and The Fatal Flame. She has also published numerous short stories featuring the Holmes character, several of which were collected in 2017's The Whole Art of Detection. She lives in Queens.


The Paragon Hotel

Lyndsay Faye


The Great Hotel Murder

Vincent Starrett


Bibliomysteries Volume 2

James W Hall, Thomas Perry, et al.


The King of Infinite Space

Lyndsay Faye


The Whole Art of Detection Lib/E: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock...

Lyndsay Faye and Lindsay Faye