Books by Lucy Henson


Having been through so much in her past, and finally living in a loving and secure present, Lucy Henson is all too aware of how dangerous it is to keep our traumas to ourselves, hidden in the shadows of shame or regret. Only by speaking out can we raise awareness of the long-term effects of abuse ... and break the cycles of violence and neglect that crush the hopes, dreams, and potentials of one generation after another.She hopes that by sharing her story, as difficult as it has been, others will be inspired to speak out about their own experiences, learn to watch for signs of it in others who might be trapped in abusive circumstances, and start taking action. "Notice the red flags. Be aware of the abuse. Don't ignore it. Normalize speaking out."Lucy currently lives in a single-home dwelling with her loving, patient, and supportive husband, her fourteen-year-old daughter, her six-year-old grandson-whom she and her husband legally adopted as their own-and their two family dogs: Tyson and Mia.