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Lisa Hayes-Minney has spent over 25 years writing for the central West Virginia region where she lives. During her time as a news columnist, Lisa received awards from the West Virginia Press Association, and also later from West Virginia Writers, Inc., Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, and the West Virginia Library Association. After leaving her job as a reporter, Lisa operated her own print magazine, Two-Lane Livin', for ten years. Her work has been included in GreenPrints Magazine, The Charleston Anvil, Memoir Magazine, Infection House, and other publications. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Lisa now refers to herself as a "Multi-hyphenate Appalachian Professional, which she notes as a fancy way of saying "Jack of all Trades." She is involved in several different projects, and you can continue supporting her creative work and find out more at the following online locations: