Li Yun Alvarado


Li Yun Alvarado is a Nuyorican poet, writer, scholar and educator. Her work has appeared in several journals and anthologies including: Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education; The Acentos Review; CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action; Dismantle: An Anthology of Writing from the VONA/Voices Writing Workshop; PALABRA, A Magazine of Chicano and Latino Literary Art; Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes & Shifts in Los Angeles; and Modern Haiku. Her work received an honorable mention for The Andres Montoya Poetry Prize in 2012, and it was selected as a finalist for the same prize in 2009. She is currently the Senior Poetry Editor for Kweli Journal and is an alumna of VONA/Voices Writing Workshop, AROHO, the Acentos Fellowship, and Astra Writing in Greece. She holds a BA in Spanish and sociology from Yale University and an MA and PhD in English from Fordham University. She teaches English at Long Beach City College and has had the pleasure of teaching literature, composition, and creative writing-in English and in Spanish-to middle school, high school, and college students in New Haven, Boston, New York City, Long Beach, and the Dominican Republic. Li Yun is a native New Yorker living with her husband in Long Beach, California who takes frequent trips to Salinas, Puerto Rico to visit la familia.


Words or Water

Li Yun Alvarado