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If no one has done it before, I will try...'Lena Holfve was born and raised in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. She attended college in Sweden and has been creating and operating major services on the Internet since 1991.In addition to that, Lena has raised three children of her own and fostered another 15 over the years. Also a successful author, since her first books was published in 1984, she has written dozens more on a wide variety of topics.Her latest work, Finally Free From Fatigue, is a book that examines how chronic fatigue can creep up on people and affect them long before they are aware they are suffering from it. With information on how to spot the signs, as well as active measures that can be taken to alleviate and finally beat fatigue, Lena knows that it is a work that has already saved lives and hopes that it will save more in the future. Exhausted & Sleepless is the manual.Today, Lena lives in the town of Alcancak, Kyrenia, in Northern Cyprus and in her free time enjoys reading, cooking and travelling abroad, adding to the 73 countries she has already visited whenever she can. An animal lover all her life, she feeds and talks to the many street dogs and cats she encounters each day and plans to write a book about them one day.Lena is proud of her books and thrilled that some of her work has been instrumental in changing constitutions and even laws. In the future, she plans to travel even more, explore some new countries and immerse herself in their cultures. Her plans for writing include two more books in the series she is working on now.You can contact or connect with Lena Holfve at: Website: https: // [email protected] Holfve is a Swedish author who made her debut in 1984.By Lena Holfve previously publishedFinally free from fatigue! E-book and paperback 2022Exhausted & Sleepless, Audiobook, 2020Exhausted & Sleepless, e-book, 2022Exhausted & Sleepless, paperback, 20222019 - Seen with Lena's eyes, e-book, 2019Love gentle - a book about family home children, e-book, 2019Exhausted-free from brain fog, audiobook, 2019The Murder of The Sleeping Beauty - crime novel e-, audiobook and MP3, 2018Arrested for fabulous reasons - crime novel e-, audiobook and MP3, 2018Are children everything? Audiobook, mp3, and e-book, 2018Parasite free, e-book and stapled, 2018Sleepless, e-book and stapled, 2018Mold poisoned, e-book and stapled, 2017Exhausted - free from brain fog, stapled, 2017It never happens to me, 1997Are children everything? 1992Bottoms up, 1989Outside,1989Gender war, 1988Yuk! - a book about teenagers, 1987The murder of Sleeping Beauty,1985A Stockholm south that makes you warm, 1984Arrested for fabulous reasons, 1984Love Gentle, 1984