Lawrence Kramer


Lawrence Kramer is Distinguished Professor of English and Music at Fordham University, the editor of 19th-Century Music, and a prize- winning composer whose works have been performed internationally. He is the author
of eleven books on music, most recently including Why Classical Music Still Matters (2007), Interpreting Music (2010), and Expression and Truth: On the Music of Knowledge (2012). His string quartet movement "Clouds, Wind, Stars" won the 2103 Composers Concordance "Generations" Prize. Recent and forthcoming performances include Words on the Wind for voice and chamber ensemble (New York City, 2013), Pulsation for piano quartet (Ghent, Belgium, 2013), Songs and Silences to Poems by Wallace Stevens (London, 2013), and two string quartets, nos. 2 and 6 (New York City,