Kirsten Hall


Kirsten Hall is a former preschool and elementary school teacher who has authored more than a hundred learn-to-read stories for emergent readers. Today, she is the founder and owner of a boutique children's book illustration and literary agency, Catbird Productions. Hall is the author of the picture books The Gold Leaf and The Jacket, which was a New York Times Notable Book of 2014.


The Honeybee

Kirsten Hall and Isabelle Arsenault


The Gold Leaf

Kirsten Hall and Matthew Forsythe


Bake America Great Again

Kirsten Hall and Amber Gentry


100 of the Best Curses + Insults in Italian

Kirsten Hall and Chuck Gonzales


Snow Birds

Kirsten Hall and Jenni Desmond


The Kids on the Bus: A Spin-The-Wheel Book of Emotions

Kirsten Hall and Melissa Crowton


How Big Is Baby?

Kirsten Hall and Aki