Khaled El Emam


Dr. Khaled El Emam is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, a senior investigator at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, and a Canada Research Chair in Electronic Health Information at the University of Ottawa. He is also the Founder and CEO of Privacy Analytics, Inc. His main area of research is developing techniques for health data de-identification/anonymization and secure computation protocols for health research and public health purposes. He has made many contributions to the health privacy area.


Anonymizing Health Data: Case Studies and Methods to Get You...

Khaled El Emam and Luk Arbuckle


Building an Anonymization Pipeline: Creating Safe Data

Khaled El Emam and Luk Arbuckle


Practical Synthetic Data Generation: Balancing Privacy and...

Khaled El Emam, Richard Hoptroff, et al.